Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hitting Facility Paying Off

The hitting facility at the Rossville Athletic Complex at 500 Williams Street has a new look.

Carpet has been installed in the facility where the Peerless Bowling Ally once was so popular.

The facility now has two 72 foot by 16 foot batting cages and four indoor pitching mounds that provide training to more than 200 baseball/softball players weekly.

There will also be four new battling cages built on 80 foot by 16-foot concrete pads at the Rossville City Park for the 2010 softball/baseball season.

Rossville Athletics seeks training opportunities to provide athletes avenues to reach their potential.

Be A Good Sport

At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year-old baseball players aside and asked, 'Do you understand what cooperation is? What a team is?'

The little boy nodded in the affirmative.

'Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?'

The little boy nodded 'yes'

'So,' the coach continued, 'I'm sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn't argue, curse, attack the umpire, or call him a knucklehead. Do you understand all that?'

The little boy nodded 'yes' again.

He continued, 'And when I take you out of the game so another boy gets a chance to play, it's not good sportsmanship to call your coach 'an idiot' is it?'

The little boy shook his head 'NO'.

'GOOD', said the coach.

'Now go over there and explain all that to your Nanna.'

2010 Rossville Tournament Schedule

February 19-21 Mullens Memorial (Baseball) Ron Bryan

February 26-28 Softball Charles Stephens

March 6-7 Borders Wars (Baseball) Shannon Yates

March 12-13 Softball Charles Stephens

March 19-21 First Pitch (Baseball) David Moss

March 26-28 Softball Charles Stephens

April 2-4 Rossville Opening Day Stump Martin

April 9-11 Baseball Mark Mcarthur

April 16-18 Softball Charles Stephens

April 23-25 ABA Regional (Baseball) Ron Bryan

April 30-May 2 Baseball David Moss

May 7-8 Softball Charles Stephens

May 15-16 Baseball Mark Mcarthur

May 21-23 Baseball David Moss

May 29-30 Softball Charles Stephens

June 4-6 Baseball David Moss

June 11-13 Baseball David Moss

June 18-20 Softball Charles Stephens

June 25-27 Softball Charles Stephens

July 17-18 Softball/Baseball Mark Mcarthur

July 23-25 Softball Charles Stephens

August 7-8 Softball/Baseball

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Courtroom Dedicated to Judge Painter

Rossville officials dedicated the historic city courtroom to Judge Paul Johnny Painter on Monday evening.

Judge Painter died on Monday, Sept. 16, 2002. He was the city attorney of Rossville for 25 years and served as a Superior Court Judge for the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit.

Judge Painter was also a 25-year member of the board of governors of the State Bar of Georgia, serving as president of the Georgia Council of Superior Court Judges and as chairman of the State Judicial Council of Georgia.

His wife, Juanita Davis Painter ; daughter and son-in-law, Paulette and Calvin Grant, Chattanooga and son and daughter-in-law, Paul and Judi Painter Jr. of Savannah were joined by many other family and friends at the reception.




Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sign-up Fees Due Now!

Those who owe money for your sign-up fees need to get the remaining balance paid. The city officials have been nice to work with us on this due to the tough times many of us are experiencing.

However, it is now the end of the fiscal year for my athletics budget and all of the money MUST be paid.

Please help me to get this resolved now.


Rossville approved by GRPA

The Georgia Recreation and Park Association notified Rossville on Tuesday that the city was approved as a member. One reason Rossville petitioned the GRPA is its athletic department shares the same mission. The GRPA “promotes healthy life styles through the utilization of park facilities and recreation services for the well being of each citizen individually and the community as a whole. It also insures that park and recreation services are available, and providing organized, supervised activity as a means of prevention for a number of circumstances (disease, stress, etc.) including the prevention of juvenile delinquency.”

The GRPA and Rossville also believe that the delivery of recreation and park services in the state has tremendous impact economically, environmentally and socially. The GRPA was born in 1945 as a private, non-profit Institution to support and promote the recreation and park industries within the state of Georgia. It’s the only state organization that serves as an advocate for quality recreation and park areas, facilities, programs and services at the local level.

The GRPA provides state competition in youth basketball, track-and-field, baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, swimming, diving, tennis, golf, volleyball, and soccer.

A story worth telling ... again

The Rossville Athletics phone rang late Saturday night and Hixson Director Alan Bailey was on the other end of the cell. Bailey said he wanted to talk to me about my 6-year-old team. I paused and thought, “Oh no, what have we done?” Bailey said your team beat us 26-6, but that’s not what I called about.

Again, I paused and thought, “Oh what have we done?”

The veteran recreation volunteer said our 6-under Dogs had played the final game of the night at Hixson and he had asked them to help clean up on the visiting side. Bailey went on to explain that the parents/fans and players had cleaned up the whole hillside and under the bleachers and didn’t leave a piece of trash anywhere. Winning the game was great because that was the first win for the little 6-under guys. Nevertheless, winning with the class to clean up after the game is all about pride. Thanks to Isaac Patrick, Jonathan Couch, Calvin Ogle and the whole Bulldogs family that displayed a saying that we all learned a long time ago in this town, “Be Rossville.” That deed my friends is what “Being Rossville” is all about.


6s Rossville Bulldogs 26, Hixson Tigers 6

7s Soddy-Daisy 34, Rossville 16